Our Mission

Relia-Clean Pressure Washing is a full service pressure washing company serving the Greater Houston area with 11 years in service. Relia-Clean specializes in a wide variety of commercial and residential cleaning services ranging from the side walk in front of your business to the siding on your house. Relia-Clean's goal is to safely clean any surface with professionalism, while meeting all the needs and concerns of our customers. We strive to meet all the cleaning challenges of our customers with an unparalleled standard of excellence customer satisfaction.

Residential Services

Relia-Clean Pressure Washing has been servicing residences throughout Houston and keeping your residential areas clean. Our superior service and up to date technology allow us to effectively and safely clean dirt and grime accumulation anywhere on your property.

Proper and routine cleaning of your, gutters, downspouts, sidewalks and driveways are critical to the longevity of these areas. Our power washing methods assure that these essential parts of your property are care for, ensuring their appropriate life expectancy.

Commercial Services

Relia-Clean Pressure provides fast and efficient building exterior cleaning services to the Greater Houston area. We hold true that "quality", "professionalism" and "customer satisfaction" are trademarks for our business.

If you are looking for a company to safely clean your commercial property AND stay within your budget, contact us today at 281-594-0214.